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Zara Adams large
Important Information
Gender Female
Alpha Ability Quantitative Aptitudinal
Family None Known
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Varies
Height 5'9"
This character is a Quantitative Aptitudinal Alpha.

BADGE gold
This character is a DCIS Agent.

Alpha AbilityEdit

Quantitative Aptitudinal

  • Quantitative Aptitudinal Alphas are able to thoroughly and completely understand any and all technoloy. They have a knack for inventing the unthinkable; usually devices decades ahead of their time. They can be improvisational when inventing, effeciently constructing what they need with existing resources in their surroundings.


She is a very quirky person and loves to wear interestingly different clothing. Her style varies from day to day, but always reflects her personality.


She prefers the company of machines to people. Therefore, not many people know what she is like.


She grew up in a high-class neighborhood. She accelerated through the school years and graduated from MIT at age 16 with a perfect GPA. She was an all A student and was the pride and joy of her profesors. When the government learned of her, they tried to reqruit her, but Dr. Rosen was able to save her. She joined the team after she turned 17.

Other Hair ColorsEdit


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