Cal lightman

Ryan is blond, and grew out his hair long. He wears mostly designer jackets and jeans as a way to show off both his wealth, and his detachment from the poverty he left behind. Ryan only wears a high school ring on his middle knuckle that he never takes off. He is also very fit because he has much carefree time and spends a lot of it in the gym or in martial arts dojos.


Ryan has a very paranoid reaction to any lie, no matter how small the detail. This has much t o do with his complicated past that Ryan left behind after becoming a private consultant for the FBI. He is very withdrawn and quiet. He only bursts out in moments of boldness when the matters are most dire. Ryan can be very open and free only with a few people in the entire world. Ryan also has very strict codes about using his powers, or any Alpha using powers. This is because of an incident that happened in his younger years.


Ryan had a very complicated past. He grew up in poverty and only managed to have enough money to get through college through a collective amount of scams where he used his powers to bribe, trick, or blackmail rich students at Oxford. Later, Ryan found the consequences of his actions when a student he tried to blackmail jumped off the roof of Oxford. Ryan later left Oxford and became a consultant for the FBI. He majored in Criminology in Oxford and psychology. He used this traning to amplify his already natural talent. Ryan became rich as a private consultant and used much of his free time training his body for combat. After a meeting with many psychologists, Ryan met Dr.Rosen, who managed to correctly guess that Ryan was an Alpha. Ryan is now part of Rosen's team out of a curiosity of Rosen, since Ryan can't seem to get mentally ahead of Rosen, who seems to always hold all the cards. Ryan also sees being on the team as an opportunity to find more Alphas and understand how their powers work.

Alpha AbilityEdit

Ryan's brain has a unique ability to percieve every single body movement and interpret the cause. This causes Ryan to be exceptionally well in distinguishing lies, and usually knows people's true intentions. Also, after studying psychology, Ryan and even interpret what people say and how people write.


These are the 'micro-expressions' that Ryan sees with ease.