This character belongs to Jamaciamon

Name: Michael Rice

Age: 22

Alpha Ability: Hyperkertinosis; the ability to control the keratin within the body. capable of superhuman duribility and invulnerbility, and enhanced strength. Even his hair and nails will be come hard as steel. when using this power he can withstand bullets, fire and even small explosins. With hair and nails so hard and sharp he can easily tear through clothing, wood, and stone. Hitting him is like pucnching a wall.

Apperence: He has black and brown mid back dreadlocks. he has dark brwon eyes, and wears Emperio Armani eye glasses. Her wears loose fitting clothes mostly jeans and t shirts, but changes it up every now and again with a Armani suit on occasion. He wears three rings on his right hand: middle, ring, and pinky finger, and a chinese ring on left pinky. He has two necklaces one short and one long, the short one is a gold chain with a ankh pendent, the long necklace is a african necklace with an ivory elephant pendent made from actual elephant tusk. he wears a big watch on his right wrist and a heavy metal bracelet on the left with ebony and silver pieces in it. he is 6 foot 6and weights 312 lbs. and built like a linebacker. wears size 18 shoes which are jordans or air force ones most of the time. he looks to be scary but can be very nice and kind.

Personality: he is kind of shy and a bit of a loner. he seems cold and distant at first but over time he warms up to people. he will help anyone with problems and is willing to do anything to help. he has a bit of a anger problem but only to people who diserve it. In high school he was quiet and got bullied but when the bullies messed with him they were put in their places but Mike's "one hitter quitter". He is a perfectionest and always tries his best and sometimes it just isn't enough at those times he gets depressed. when he succedes he gets excited and some what cocky, but not too cocky.

History: He comes from a black, native american, dutch, german, chinese, and jamaican background on both sides of his family. He was born in Detroit, MI but later moved to Little Rock, AR. He does not live with parents and siblings all the time most of the time he is at college studying to become a Biology Teacher. He is the middle child of his immediate family. he has two sisters one older and one yonger. being the only other male in the family what duties his father does not do he has to do and that sometimes puts a lot of stress on a young man. He is and expert in Korean martial arts and most sports. he is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kown Do and can hold is own in a fight. as a child he was naturally smart but had some problems. he did not speak until the age of four but when ha did he was speaking in full sentences and carrying on conversations with adults far older than him. He learned that he was different by the age of 8, when a kid at school saw what he could do and called him a freak but Mal did not think that he was diferent at the time and was confused about the concept. ever since that insadent he has been leary about letting people know who he is and uses his ability to tell people he does not trust lies and they think that they are true. he has always had a intrest in a lot of things learning if anyhting is something that he does well, whether it is someting to do with sports, (skateboarding) school, or even religion he knows about it and will correct you if you are wrong. fighting is something that he gets into trouble with often but it is because other people are messing with him and he just cannot take it anymore and he unleashes his fury with his fists and feet. His sister noticed that he had an ability because no matter what happened he always got his way one way or another. she say this as not being fair. He went to Dr. Rosen with his family because his mother insested on getting everyone some psychotherpy, little did Rosen know that his new patient is an Alpha. Mike suffers from minor depression, and anger management. When Rosen talked to Mike he realized that he was an Alpha and talked it over with his parents and now Mike in a part time member of the Alpha team until he is through with school then he will become a full time member. He has established his own Alphas team and they take care of not just Alpha emergancies but any emergancy that the authorties cannot handle. So he now works part time as a "Alpha for Hire".