Cute guy California Style Cutie

Name:Lukas Hagenba

Age: 19

Alpha Ability: Hyperkinetic

Appearence: Lukas is tall for his age and has curly black hair. He has a strong German accent. However, he speaks highly fluent english. He typically wears a t-shirt and jeans and very rarely wears dress clothes.

Personality: Lukas is a very emotional person and is okay with openly expressing his feelings. Lukas is also very atheletic he was a star soccer player in Germany. He is very suspicious of new people and sometimes apears unmotivated.

History: As I stated earlier Lukas was born in Hamburg, Gemany. He was a local soccer star and was using his powers subconciously to win. When it was found out he was using his powers to play he was outcast and he ran away to America.

Anything else you would like me to know: