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This character is a Psychokinetic Alpha.

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This character is a DCIS Agent.


He has blue eyes short blond hair. He is 6 foot tall and built like a quaterback. He wears mostly just cargo shorts and sports t-shirts. His only piece of jewelry is a ring that he wears around his finger, a symbol of his first love.


His ability has made Kyle yearn for normalcy and has done everything to make himself look like everyone else. He does not stand out in a crowd, and can almost blend in with his surroundings. Having such a dangerous ability has made himself very shy and avoids most people in fear of inadvertedly killing anyone. Despite having a shy personality, he is very confident when danger approaches and has saved many people on his job as a paramedic. He has changed from his younger years, when his powers made him arrogant, now a very humble man who tries to help people as much as he can. However, if anyone pisses Kyle off, he can get really angry and won't hold back any insult.


Both of Kyle's parents had abondoned him when he was a baby, leaving him in front of a church. The nuns sent Kyle to an orphanage in Michigan, where Kyle shone like a star. Kyle was always faster and stronger than most kids his age. This caused Kyle to be very arrogant in the orphanage, unknowingly flaunting his ability. Kyle could absorb kinetic energy and store it inside of his body and could use that excess enerdy to speed up, or increase his strength. However, when his first love Katherine decided to break up with Kyle, he exploded, releasing all of his kinetic energy when he slapped Katherine. The force of the impact killed her instantly, and Kyle ran away to New York. Discovering his powers for the first time, Kyle decided to repent by using the power to help people instead of hurting them. Kyle made a living as a security guard, before he gruaduated medical school to become a paramedic. Using his gift to speed himself up, Kyle managaed to save more people than any other person. When he was rewarded by the mayor, Kyle caught the attention of Dr. Rosen, and was soon recruited to join the Alpha team.

Alpha PowerEdit

Kyle's unique power alows him to transfer kinetic energy fro anything into his own body. The energy can be from his own actions. For example, when he brushes his teeth, the kinetic energy from his arm doesn't go to waste, it is transfered into him. This energy can be called upon willingly to speed him up, or increase his strength. His power is accumalitive, building up huge amounts of energy over time.


Kinetic energy being absorbed into Kyle's palm.


Kyle has a metal Bo staff that alllows him to use his kinetic energy to the full potential, being able to knock down doors, or break limbs with the staff.