This character belongs to Faustfan

This character is a Human.

This character is a FBI Agent.



Name: Hans Hansen the 47th

Nickname: Hans

Birthday: clasefied to never have birthday parties

Age: 47


Race: white

Birthplace: Norway


Height: 5'8"

Weight: unknown

Appearance: Mark Sheppard

Faceclaim: Mark Sheppard

Distinctive Features: he has scars that signal he has been tortured, when or why is unknown, these scars is also hidden when he is fully dressed, he has a tattoo of <o> on his left hand between his thumb and pointing finger what it means is like most of his past classified

Clothing/Accessories: most often suits, but when he is on a case he wears stuff that lets him blend in, so if he is at a bar he will be more relaxed in his style, in higher class places he will be dressed in high class stuff and so on

the smile he has when someone think they have him cornered when in truth they do not, or someone told him something really dumb


Personality: highly protective over people he likes, smart, calculating and able to give orders that has to be given that most would not want to give, he has a high EQ and thanks to this he is able to figure out what people feel to the point he has been mistaken for having a power but it is just normal human high EQ, also able to keep secrets to the point that he will bite off his tongue to not tell what he knows, he is rather smart but enjoys hiding that fact and he knows the value of keeping things to himself, he can also be scary, when he is scary he hints to a darker past, one where he made people disappear, one that involves knowing things about the human body most don't know, this side of him is only used on really evil people

his relaxed look

Sexuality: pansexual

Likes: order, learning stuff, the nice life, tricking others, black and white movies, b-movis, movies tat is so bad they are good, good books many other things

Dislikes: disorder, unneeded cruelty, "sterile looking buildings", when young people think they know things they don't know, art that is pushing it (like the urinal that some call art)

Strengths: his former job has given him many skills, he is a black belt, but like much of him what he is a black belt in is classified

Weaknesses: normal human, starting to go out of his prime, or rather feel the effects of that, if near people he reallly don't like he has to hold back his urges to use his former skills to give justice

Fears: how far humans can be pushed

Favorite Food: fine foods, Italian food

Least Favorite Food:sheep's head

Habits: he is a true Arthur Dent (trow crazy at him and he shrugs it off like o one else), when it comes to interrogation he tends to use a strange brand of mental "torture", often involving stuff lie stating he killed a terrorist cell but somehow one got away but only after hearing how the guy who is being tortured gave away the info, cos they are lovers in league vs whom ever is the boss, after that most people give up info to not be let goon fear off hat will happen to them, he tends to use his right hand for stuff but really he has no problems using his left

Goals: make up for something in his past

Oddities: his name hints he is the 47th person in his family named Hans Hansen but he is not, also trying to learn about his past will get you no where if you don't ask him, and then he don't like talking about it

Dreams: to make up for his past

Flaws: his age, and his anger over some people


Alpha Ability: non but he has a somewhat calming effect on people, but this is due to his tone of voice, how he smells and how he is dressed he is also highly empathic but once more it is more of a abnormally high EQ not a power

Abilities: he is a skilled torturer, he has a great understanding of humans, he can hide people so well that short of finding former friends you wont find any info on them, he is skilled with guns, he has a black belt in something, he is skilled on computer, he can blend in with nearly any crowd, he is skilled at making food


Alliance: true alliance unknown, but he does work for the FBI, his job seem to be liaison between his former job and the FBI , how and why he did this is unknown, but higher up

Hobbies: keeping an eye on his former charges, making food, looking over new theories and more

Aura color: redish with hints of orange

Car: he has a black Fifth generation Hiace, modified with theft immobilizeing (car alarm, gps trackers hidden 5 places in the car, able to use bio diesel, and a few other things for fun)

Pets: a black male pug puppy and a white female French bulldog

Background: there is not much to say about his childhood, he grew with 3 brothers, he got good grades in class, when he was done with school he held degrees in computer science, psychology and something he won’t say what is, after school he joined one of Norway’s intelligence agencies, what one he was in has been classified but it seems to deal with fining alphas also the mark <o> seem to mean something in his former job, he also made people vanish an sometimes he had to get info from people, when one of the alphas he did not hide was taken by Dr. Rosen Hans followed Rosen to figure out who he was, when he found out about the amount of alphas that they had found he quit his job and took the job as Bjørn Olsen “handler” and helper, most of his past has been classified thanks to his former job

Anything else you would like me to know: despite his empathic skills and his calming effect he is a normal human, he has a great hate for people who harm children and there is a high chance he has tipped some prisoners about pedophiles, but if he has he has covered his tracks so well that no one can find any tracks, he has hidden over 50 alphas and from time to time ask some of them for help