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Evelyn Cooper
Important Information
Gender Female
Alpha Ability Telepath
Family Mother - (Deceased)

Father - (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6"
This character is a Telepathic Alpha.

BADGE gold
This character is a DCIS Agent.


She has bright red hair that curls softly to mid-back length. She has green eyes and like to wear eyeling to accentuate her eyes. She wears modest clothing and loves heels. She barely wears jewelry and only dresses fancy on occasion. She is shorter, but she has fantastic posture. She is very concerned with the opinion of others and prefers to be very unnoticable.


She is bubbly and very sociable. She is a fantastic friend and loves people. She is very kind and doesn't like letting people down or hurting them. She is very concerned with what people think of her and hates it when she hears what people truely think of others.


She comes from and Irish background on her mother's side and a British background on her father's side. She grew up in Brooklyn and has a Brooklyn accent intertwined with the influence of her mother and fathers' accents. She was in a car crash when she was seventeen and her parents were killed. Afterwards, she noticed a change in how she saw things. She'd always been able to hear things others hadn't, she was diagnosed as a paranoid schizaphrenic, but this was different. She began to see the things she heard. Whenever she looked at people, there was a glowing aura around their heads. The color of the aura changed with each person, and the color differs with personality. She could now single out a certain person's mind and read it seperately, as opposed to before when she heard everything at once. She went to college and earned her degree in psychology. When she was 25, she went to a psychology seminar and she met Dr. Rosen. Shortly after, she was recruited to the Alpha Team.