Case Code Name: Unknown Killer Case 001

Case Details: A string of murders has taken place over the past few weeks. This has been called serial murders because everyone so far has been related to the Lynx Corp. company as everyone there has been part of the board of directors there. We think that the killer will attack a woman by the name of Lisa Sanders as she is the only original member of the board of directors left. The reason that the DCIS has been called is that all witnesses and any security cameras catching the murders saw nothing the victim just got cut on the jugular vein (Neck). One slash that was it. What your team needs to do, protect Lisa until the next morning and then get her to Lynx Corp. so that she can retire where she should be safe. If you accept, it will be a long night.

FBI Agent: Christa Jane

Number of Agents: 3

Squad Leader: Maxwell Mcgarvey

Other members: Kyle Jordan and Evelyn Cooper