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Bjørn Olsen is Influencer Alpha.

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This character is a DCIS Agent.


Name: Bjørn Olsen

Nickname: As his name is hard to say to most people has to give him nickname to even be able to have a name for him, the two most common nicknames for him in english is B and Bear (bjørn means bear in bokmål, his native language)

Birthday: 29 November

Age: 25

Gender: male

Race: white

Birthplace: Norway


Height: 6'3"


Appearance: Joseph Gordon-Levitt with platinum blond hair, a 20 cm long beard, pale blue eyes, well kept nails
Undercover Bjørn

his undercover look

Faceclaim: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Distinctive Features: he has a few tattoos, the only one you can see when he is ormally covered up is one that loos like <o>, it is placed on his right hand between his thumb and his pointing finger, he has a tattoo of a heart on his left upper arm, and the hammer of Thor on his right upper arm, he has a tattoo of a bear on his left leg and he has hinted he has a tattoo of hallo kitty but he wont say where

Clothing/Accessories: always black, often 3 piece suits, he also wear semi rimless thin frame eyeglasses with lenses that turn darker when he is outside


Personality:he is socially awkward, hates lying, somewhat pessimistic, if you lie to him he will hate you forever, due to a low EQ he often mistakes people’s feelings for other feelings and he often tries to make people who cry stop crying even if they do so because they are happy, he hates being out in crowds as he can’t figure out what they will do and he is paranoid to the point he has safe houses and panic rooms just in case something will go wrong, he also has made plans on how to get out of many different scenarios due to this paranoia, he hates that he can’t use his power on him and he believed for a time that others had his senses and was sure he was helping them by turning them down, he don’t like talking to strangers, and as he has a hard time remembering anyone most people are strangers to him, with all his flaws he is a good guy, an tries to help people he view as his friends, he is a mean drunk (so he don't drink) he hates to use his power for evil, he trusts Hans Hansen with his life, this is a strange thing as Hans former job was lying for a living, Hans has lied to Bjørn, and Bjørn is rather paranoid, he is autistic, the photo will tell you signs, he has them all laughing but only when alone, no fear, high pain threshold and when in pain he never show it, making doctors hate him for not showing how much pain he is in, touch him and he will hit you, he never look in to peoples eyes and if forced he will see it as a sign of aggression, he likes to be alone, he don't gesture he use signs, try taking away his fan, if you have been to one of his safe houses you have been to them all, he don't echo words, but that took him a while to not do, he once spent a day hunting down the source of his own footstep echos, he no longer are allowed to have chairs that spin, and he has overcome some problems with interpersonal communication by reading 40 different books


Sexuality: pansexual

Likes: old movies, info, sci-fi, fantasy books, crime shows, brain teasers, paint things, sandbox games the 3rd seat row on buses, card games, money (he sees them as a means to get his plans done, so he likes the fact he can be more and more safe)thumb|300px|right|his favorite song

Dislikes: lies, liars, people who lie for living, unneeded use of force, using his power for not helping people

Strengths: he is smart, has a near perfect info memory, he learns languages rather fast, he read around 20,000 words a minute when he has a good day and isn't tired, he grasp new consents fast, his mind is scary organised (as if someone had refiled his brain), he has a level of paranoia that has made him able to nearly have plan to any scenario, he is highly skilled in card games and thanks to this he has earned money in Vegas to found his plans, he knows his tell and does it always when playing poker thereby gaining the perfect poker face as he has just one tell, he is a skilled fighter with the fan of doom and he can dance hallingdans thumb|300px|right|what his fighting style is based on he has made a own martial arts based on a few eastern ones and hallingdans it is a soft style meant to redirect blows and harm joints it also focus on the body's weakspots, few has seen it be done as he make you blind before fighting you

Weaknesses: no sense of time, can't recall people, low EQ, holds a grudge for a long time, high pitched sounds gives him headaches, you can beat him by tossing items made from glass on the ground, he got OCD that force him to make his place look perfect so if you place something wrong he has to move it back, cats hate him, his paranoia can make him unable to trust people just because they fit in one of his plans as a bad person , if he lie he starts smiling, this is also his only poker tell

Fears: clowns (but he attacks rather then any form of fear

Favorite Food: taco or pizza

Least Favorite Food: fish

Habits: When using his powers he moves his fingers like he is playing a piano that has been altered to a more 3d look, as it turns out this is not something he has to do to use his power it is just a habit of his to do, he also has the habit of correcting his glasses by flipping you the bird, he talks most often by using sign language often switching between the 4 different ones he can speak

Goals: teach people new things

Oddities: he has Asperger syndrome and many of the things that makes him different, these differences has been mistaken as alpha powers but they are not, he has only one alpha power, his abnormal hearing, smell and sense of feeling is higher then normal as he lacks the brains filters for removing unwanted input, is brain's different category system is just part of his memory, he also has shown he is stronger then you would think, but that is somewhat normal as the times he has shown that he has been freaked out and fight or flight was happening

Dreams: a world of peace without any fundies

Flaws: on his bad days he is quick to anger, and turns more "autistic"


Alpha Ability: Sensory manipulation in others, it works on crowds, he is able to make senses not work, or make you hear echos, see shadows, when he tries to make your senses tell you something the more complex the sense is the harder it is for him to make stuff, but with senses like Proprioception, Nociception, or internal senses he is far more skilled with and can make you vomit or make you feel you gotta pee but you are dying from dehydration, slow your natural respiratory rate, his manipulation skills can be figured out and countered somewhat with training, Bjørn thinks he can learn how to make it work on people not crowds but so far no luck, his power is telepathic based Influencer, he basically tells people's brain what they should sense and they sense that using his own brain, he can't read minds or anything else just tell people's brains what to feel, when he is drunk he can "fire" pain at people like if he was firing a gun at them using the gun sign, when not drunk he has no idea how he did it

Abilities: due to his memory and reading skills he has picked up much knowledge, he can make food for himself, he can drive cars but he has a desperate need not to do so, he has is skilled at wood shop, and he can draw rather well, he is skilled at seeing things normal people don't and he can track down somethings by smell alone, he can listen in to 30 people talking at the same time without having problems with it, he is multilingual(Bokmål, Nynorsk, Swedish, Danish, English,German, Latin, Cantonese, Mandarin, 1 he made himself so no one could read his plans and a few others that he is still learning) and knows 4 different sign languages, he is a strangely skilled fan fighter if you count using a fan to hit people in the head or body while it is folded fighting


Alliance: alphas, non NTs

Hobbies: learning new things, draw stuff, take photographs, riding buses

Aura colour: google Copper(II) sulfate, his aura is the same colour as those crystals but with some swirls of indigo in it Car: he has a car, he won it in a poker tournament it is a Blue Lotus Elise, named by him"the cruel joke of destiny" he has never used it and has tried selling it 4 times, all those times he was stopped by Hans

Pets: he has two love birds that is tame that also is immune to his powers

Background:there is not much to say about his past, he grew up in Norway with a loving mother who did everything to make his life simpler even moving to a place with less noise, at the age of 15 he was sent to a testing center where they diagnosed him with autism, while there he showed that they could not teach him anything about it that he didn’t know from using different medical journals, after that his life took a turn for the worse, with his new diagnosis people started treating him differently and his former skills at “blending in” at school was gone, the teachers started treating him like a child while he was at worst as smart as them and at best smarter than them, but with this new treatment he got worse and soon he dropped out of school and found out about his power, at age 17 he was placed in a workplace for different people, he fitted in there well but he soon found out one thing he could affect people’s senses, at first just in minor ways but soon he figured out the trick and with that came the better effect and with that came people finding out about his powers, a man named Hans Hansen met him and the next few years is seen as classified but it is known he traveled to many places and met many alphas at this time, he also got his tattoos at this point in time, after a few years in doing what he did he for some reason stood in a crowd in america and blinded them, then made them deaf, then he waved at a camera, this is how dr. Rosen found out about him, he was recruited to the DCIS as a teacher of sorts as his power lacks control over who he controls and his power mixed with his knowledge made him a useful teacher of strange skills like how to walk while blind or how to make a bat using nothing but sandpaper, he hates being in the field and he at some point in his life learned to play poker and got really good in it and started playing in the pro tournaments